Darkness becomes her. Item Preview. remove-circle Darkness becomes her. byKelly Keaton. Publication date PublisherSimon Pulse. The Fire Breathers have come. The Underworld calls. A choice must be made With her feared half blood and flame-colored hair, DEIRA D'ANU is a constant. Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton - A dark and lush paranormal romance set in a richly reimagined New Orleans—now in paperback!Ari can't help feeling .

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Darkness Becomes Her (Gods & Monsters #1) by Kelly Keaton Ari can't help feeling lost and alone. With teal eyes and freakish silver hair that can't be changed. Darkness Becomes Her book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Ari can't help feeling lost and alone. With teal eyes and f. Read Darkness Becomes Her (Gods & Monsters, #1) PDF. Ari can't help feeling lost and alone. With teal eyes and freakish silver hair that can't be changed or.

List Price: A Beautiful Evil Kelly Keaton. Simon Pulse, February Recently Viewed Products. Kelly Keaton. A Beautiful Evil. The Wicked Within. Friendly Fairies - Illustrated by Johnny Gruelle.

Johnny Gruelle. Tellulah Darling. Violet stayed motionless, so Crank reached down and tugged on her arm. After Crank brought me the sleeping bag, I waited until silence descended beyond my bedroom door, a silence broken only by the natural creaks and moans of the house.

I took two tall candles from the mantel and lit them with the red-hot coals in the fireplace, setting them on the floor in front of me.

Finally, I was alone. No interruptions. No kids. No drums. Nothing to distract me. Though, honestly, it had taken me this long just to work up the nerve to see whatever else was in the box. With a deep breath, I opened the two small jewelry boxes first. In one was a silver ring with a Greek inscription running along its length. It was polished and beautiful and simple. I placed it on my right hand, fourth finger.

It fit perfectly. The next box held a worn medallion, so worn that it was hard to make out the image on the front or the words that went around the edge.

I put the medallion back in the box and then picked up a newspaper clipping about a woman beheaded in Chicago, leaving a small daughter, Eleni, behind with no family. My heart gave a hard bang. Holy shit. The next was a faded letter written to my mother. Dear Eleni, If you are reading this then I have been unsuccessful, like so many others before me. I have failed you. All of us have been this way. We have all left behind a daughter. It seems fate has chosen our path for us, and it is always the same.

You will be no different. Unless you can find a way to stop this curse. My mother killed herself when I was a baby. And soon I will go too. I feel it in my bones, under my skin. My time is coming. I have tried, have seen so many cultists, quacks, and priests, but this curse is still with me as it will be with you. But I refuse to give in to the madness. I refuse. I will not give in to this urge to end things.

Perhaps that alone will break the curse. Find the cure, Eleni. Stop this madness inside of us. I wish we had more time together. I folded the letter carefully and slid it back into its envelope. The words were true. Fate had had its way with all of them, and now it was my turn. A warm drop fell on my cheek, and I brushed it away. Screw this. This thing, this curse or whatever it was, would end with me.

The beheading of my grandmother meant that something came for her, killed her, when she refused to give in to the madness and kill herself.

And something came for me in the parking lot of the hotel—a bit shy of my twenty-first birthday, sure, but definitely looking to end me. I rubbed both hands down my face. I rested my chin on the tepee of my fingers, trying to find some calm and direction amid the chaos that had become my life in one night. I had killed the thing that came for me. Maybe that alone had broken the curse. Weak theory. I was here now. In New 2. The only logical thing to do was to find out more about my mother, my father, and why the Novem wanted to see me.

Or hurt me.

I woke to bruised elbows, an achy forehead, and a stiff back. And, if the red behind my eyelids was any clue, a shaft of sunlight spilling through the window. I squeezed my lids closed as a shadow blocked the light. The floorboards creaked. I opened my eyes. Every muscle froze. I was looking straight into the blue eyes of a small white alligator. It was Violet—on her knees, leaning over the sleeping bag, a burgundy, jewel-encrusted mask pushed atop her head—holding a small white alligator directly in front of my face.

All it had to do was snap and my nose would be history. I held my breath, afraid to breathe on its milky skin. Finally Violet sat back on her heels and turned the alligator to kiss its nose.

The corners swept up into points adorned with two small feathers. Pascal waddled away and out the door. Releasing my breath, I sat up, unsure of what to say to the peculiar girl, who had returned to her staring. I stayed still, almost frozen.

Darkness Becomes Her (Gods & Monsters, #1)

I watched her disappear from view, a little confused and thrown by how much she fascinated me. But it was more than the masks, and her sharp teeth. I guessed it was the same feeling Casey and Bruce had when they first met me—just an unexplainable connection or need to care. I shook my head.

I went to drag my gaze away from the door when Sebastian passed by, his head turning. My stomach flipped. Heat stung my cheeks. His gray eyes drew me in like two fascinating pools of liquid mercury. Yeah, and mercury is poison, you big dummy. Just like everyone else. It seemed like forever, but in reality, it was only a second or two before his gaze dropped and his footsteps continued on.

I blinked out of my haze, quickly gathered my hair, and began twisting it as I got to my feet and headed after him. Two steps above him, I dropped my arms to my sides. Or a grimace. I bit my lip, making a quick decision. Violet appeared, stopping just inside the parlor with Pascal tucked under her arm, as three young men entered the house. They were all similar in age—late teens, early twenties.

The guy in the middle tossed a glance at Violet, shaking his head. I took another step down as Dub shuffled from the dining room with an orange, starting to peel it, when Ray snatched it out of his hand. You half-breed little shit. It seemed like the next few seconds happened in slow motion.

Violet put Pascal on the ground, pulled her mask over her face as though preparing for battle, and then launched her small body at Ray. She was on him like an octopus, arms and legs wrapped around his middle. Her sharp teeth sank into his bicep. He shrieked, trying to pull her off.

He cursed in French and yanked again at her, this time flinging her small body across the room. She hit the floor and slid down the smooth hardwood hall. Something in me snapped. I flew around Sebastian and down the stairs as Dub and Crank ran to Violet. Violet stood up on her own, swiped the blood from her mouth and chin, and then darted out the back of the house and into the garden.

I just caught a glimpse of her diving under the dead leaves before I turned back to Ray. Adrenaline thrummed through my veins, fueled by fury. Nothing got me going like seeing a kid being hurt —I knew firsthand what that was like. The pain that shot through my knucklebones and up my hand felt good.

And when his friends came to his aid, I welcomed the fight. Bring it on, you assholes. As the first guy reached out, I spun on my heel and grabbed his arm over my shoulder, flipping him onto the floor. His eyes were smiling at me, challenging me, seeing what I could do. I cocked a grin as the second guy grabbed me around the waist. I threw back my head, bracing for the crack as my skull collided with his face.

He grunted. It hurt him way more than it did me. I spun and kicked him in the gut. He went down next to his friend. I took a step back and surveyed my handiwork, heart racing. Dub whistled from somewhere behind me. But my attention was fixed on Ray. He was the only one not on the floor and therefore still a threat. I smirked and flipped him the bird.

Red blushed through his skin, and his lips drew back slightly as though he was about to bare his teeth. Sebastian appeared beside me.

What the hell was that? Someone must have seen you come in with Jenna. Four seconds went by. All righty, then. Drawing in a deep breath—I was going to need it dealing with Mr.

Personality—I followed him through a set of massive French doors to the backyard garden. Dub and Crank were standing on a moss-covered stone patio, staring at a lump in the leaves. Despite the winter season, humidity had settled over the district, making the garden more like a jungle, a damp place that reeked of earth, decaying leaves, and those pungent white flowers that crawled up the house.

You stood up for me. Come on out so I can say thanks in person. I slid closer to Sebastian as Crank talked to Violet. He fed her for three months before she came back with him. She comes and goes as she pleases, takes to weird things like the masks and fruit. Never eats it, though. Charles Avenue. His only response was a grunt.

So I settled into a nice rhythm next to my guide, keeping my thoughts to myself, minding the cracks in the pavement and the tree limbs that hung low over fences, pulled down by moss or heavy vines. It was in the emotion of the place, the air of abandonment, the slight decay on everything, the wildness of the plants and trees, the haunted appearance that clung to the grand old houses, and the dark parts where light never reached—deep in the lost gardens, behind vacant lots, and beyond boarded-up windows.

It was even in the misfits that made this place home. In Violet, Dub, Henri, and Crank. And, I glanced over, in Sebastian with his black hair, brooding eyes, and dark red lips. We passed a house with a bunch of twentysomething artist types. A guy on the porch played a twelve-string guitar, fingers flying in a romantic Spanish tune as a woman in a turban painted a picture on a canvas.

Voices and the sound of hammers on wood flowed from the open windows. Another person lay in an old hammock hung between columns, a joint wedged in the V of his slack fingers. The guitar guy looked up and dipped his head at Sebastian. A few more houses and we crossed St. Charles Avenue to wait for the trolley.

Sebastian was already halfway up the steps. I hurried on, paid my fare, and then sat on the wooden bench directly across the aisle from him. We rode in silence, the only two on the trolley, until Sebastian slid over into my seat, surprising me. I scooted toward the window. The guy acted like he lived on a different planet. I shot him twice, and he barely flinched. She died a long time ago, but she knew someone would come after me. She left me this letter, and then like magic there he was.

I think. The trolley swayed slightly, pushing me toward Sebastian, my nose inches from his. My mouth went dry. Warmth blossomed in my belly. It was tense and exciting all rolled into one. His eyes roamed my face and then parked on my lips. A muscle ticked in his jaw. I stopped breathing. And then the trolley stopped and I caught myself before my ass slipped off the smooth wooden bench.

Sebastian was already up and walking away. Quickly I straightened up, giving myself a hard mental shake. If he had weird-ass abilities like me, I was in serious trouble. The one on Canal Street. That will take us close to the hospital. After we got on the Canal Street trolley, we rode the rest of the way in silence, which was fine by me.

My attention was stuck on the ruins of the business district and Midtown. All those high-rises and buildings, in shambles or gutted—everything looking like a casualty of an apocalypse. Once we were off the trolley, we hiked three blocks or so to Charity Hospital.

Sebastian darted across the street, but I stood still, taking in the large building. This was where my mother had given birth to me. My pulse picked up. Did my father come for the birth? Did he walk through that front door with flowers? A big ole white teddy bear? Snap out of it. I mimicked the gesture with probably more sarcasm than he deserved, and then jogged over, ignoring his questioning look and heading to the main entrance.

He caught up to me at the doors. I could hear him already. We walked past the lobby and down the main hall. After the Novem bought New 2, they had everything that was left on paper transferred to computer.

Sebastian hit the down button, and the doors slid open immediately. We entered. Just waltz into the records room and take what we want? The elevator went down a level and then dinged. I strode off before the door was completely open. A cold silence greeted me. Our footsteps echoed in the empty space. Just swept right in like he owned the place.

Suspicion pooled in my gut. This was way too easy. There were four desks, two empty, the other two occupied by women, who glanced up from their monitors. Odd ones, dressed in denim and black, and, no doubt, up to no good. Which, actually, was the truth. The thought made me grin. The older one stood and went to open her mouth. He reached out, cupping her cheek in his palm. She lifted her chin, entranced, stuck on his gaze. He bent down, his lips brushing her ear as he whispered.

Her eyelids fluttered. She sank back down to her chair, eyes wide, unseeing, lost in some fantasy of her own mind. Sebastian turned to the other woman. My heart raced as though I was witnessing something private and intimate. Something not for me. But I was rooted to the spot. The younger woman surged to her feet as Sebastian came forward. He was taller than her by a head and so calm, so focused. He whispered to her as well, and soon she was sitting in la-la land just like her coworker. Sebastian faced me.

My lips parted. Heat had spread in a slow, steady wave from the center of my torso outward. It felt claustrophobic, stifling. I cleared my throat. What are you, some kind of hypnotist or something? But then he rolled the younger woman away from the computer, faced her monitor, and began typing. Caesarean or natural delivery?

Selkirk baby. Father unlisted. He had to be listed. The billing info loaded onto the screen. Insurance info.

No one on the card except for Eleni. Who the hell is that? His jaw tightened and his expression went grim. He dragged his fingers through his hair and then fixed me with a seriously pissed-off look.

He clicked back to the main screen, grabbed my arm, and propelled me out the door. I jerked my arm from him. What the hell is going on? Sebastian ushered me into the nearest room. The morgue. I stepped back from the door. I know all about the nine families. Everybody does. Josephine, my grandmother, is head of the Arnaud family. The Arnaud family is one of the nine who bought New Orleans thirteen years ago.

He was deadly serious. Your family owns part of New 2. This is unbelievable. Anger coursed through my veins as my eyes slowly took in the sterile room—the exam table, the two carts with two bodies under blue cotton tarps set against a wall of small square doors that probably held more bodies.

I spun back round, forcing myself to remain there. Putting your back to two dead bodies was definitely not something that felt anywhere near comforting. I shook my head and cursed softly, not understanding any of it. Did they know about me, then?

Is that why they wanted to see me? Had they been looking for me this whole time? Go have a talk with dear old Grams? Ask her why she tried to have me killed? I think we should go talk to her. Do what they say.

I think this is where we part ways. My hands curled around the cold edges, ready to shove it at him if he so much as twitched the wrong way. But there was none. Sebastian stood in front of the only exit. He regarded me patiently, like a parent waiting for a child to get over a fit, and it made me want to slap the look off his face.

His eyes darkened to steel gray. A freak among freaks? Try me. They have jobs. The other half are Novem and more fucked up than you could ever imagine. Why should I share mine? He could leave if he wanted to. I was better off on my own. This was New 2, the place for all things supernatural.

If there was any way to learn more about my curse, it was here. I chewed softly on the inside of my cheek. I let out a frustrated sigh as that realization sank in.

I knew what he was thinking, that he should just leave and be rid of me and my bad attitude, and maybe it was for the best. He moved backward and closed the door, turning to face me. Just about as pissed as I was. In New 2, Ari finally feels like she fits in, but really she is only discovering how much she is meant to stand out.

Despite its considerable flaws, I really enjoyed this book. Its high rating is based on my superficial enjoyment of it and nothing else. But I know not everyone will like it. Hey, I know that some won't be able to stand it, but I still liked it, all the same. Ari was an interesting character. Not a passive heroine although she does pass out a few times , this girl knows how to kick ass. She calls the main antagonist of the book whom I shall not reveal "a fucking bitch", and then punches her in the face!

Ohmigod, how that made me giddy! Who does that, except in my wildest imaginings! How many times have I've been reading a book or watching a movie and yell at the protagonist "Just punch her already! Oh boy, how that made me happy.

I will ignore the fact that the antagonist is an all powerful being and should have really incinerated Ari right then and there, but whatever.

Ari just won the "most kickass moment of the year" award. Despite myself, I got really sucked into the story. The scenery was just really awesome. The sunken city of New Orleans is a pretty original place for a young adult novel, and it was refreshing. I think it fitted the craziness of the book really well.

There was something odd about this book, a "twist", if you will that some people will definitely not like. I wasn't expecting it, although it isn't all that hard to figure out. The idea really wasn't that new, but I wasn't expecting it in this setting.

It just seemed really odd, but for me, that oddness worked. For some people, it will throw them off. I will admit, I did enjoy the first half of the novel more than the second, because the plot just got more and more convoluted. There was romance between Ari and a bloke named Sebastian not enough people use the word "bloke".

It was a fast romance, they had only known each other for a day or so when they started making out, but for me, it seemed fine. It worked, somehow. At least Ari wasn't all like "I looooovvve you! I shall die without your lips on my lips! Your hands on my skin! They were just two teenagers who liked each other. But alas Ari sort of turned into Rose Hathaway at the end there. And there was a semi cliff-hanger.

I hate those. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Even though the cover is absolutely grotesque. Two miscellaneous and spoilerific complaints: I can't even read it!

How hard is it to put it into English, or just use the word "monster"? I did not like the idea of Athena as a bad guy. I'm just not used to it. It was hokey. View all 13 comments. Aug 06, Kristi rated it really liked it. In case you couldn't tell from the cover, this novel had a bit of a Gothic tone, and that made the novel all that more awesome. Although if I'm perfectly honest the cover really doesn't do it for me But the thing that I really loved about this novel was the references to ancient mythology, which I was not expecting at all!

It was a welcome surprise! This novel is a must read debut! There's a unique setting, an eclectic cast of characters, and a surprising story In case you couldn't tell from the cover, this novel had a bit of a Gothic tone, and that made the novel all that more awesome.

Darkness becomes her

There's a unique setting, an eclectic cast of characters, and a surprising story that is sure to catch your attention! There are a lot of twists and turns going on, and even though I had a few figured out before hand It was impossible not to flip the pages, hoping that we would figure out the truth behind Ari's past.

And I loved every minute of it! Ari is a kick-butt character, and she kicks-butt too! I would definitely put her up there with the likes of Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy series this girl can take care of herself, but she's not invincible. My favorite character beside Ari was one of the kids in the New 2, Violet, there was something very captivating about her from the moment she showed up on the page. The one complaint that I had would be the romance between Ari and Sebastian Neither Ari nor Sebastian seemed like the type of character that would just wear there heart on their sleeve like that That being said, the relationship did work nicely in the story, I mean I'm all for making out, though it would have worked without the insta-romance as well.

Overal, Darkness Becomes Her is an action packed, unique twist on ancient mythology, with a kick-butt heroine and one of a kind world! View 2 comments. Jan 21, Heather Anastasiu rated it really liked it.

Holy crap this book is amazing!!! The story is extremely compelling and unlike other supernatural fare in its complex history and wicked smart world-building. Ari heads into New 2, the dangerous secluded sector separated from the rest of the US in what was previously New Orleans, a place riddled with rumors of dangers and the supernatural. Determin Holy crap this book is amazing!!!

New 2 is a bit like the island of broken toys where all the misfits are collected together, forming their own fiercely protective families. The sense of home that Ari finds among them is endearing and makes events at the end of the novel all the more gripping. The story starts fast and the heart-racing pace just picks up further and further as the book continues. At the same time, amid the action, there are unusual moments of beauty. The narrative takes unexpected twists and turns, with a slowly revealed past and mythology that unfolds naturally, eventually taking on epic scope.

As for the sexy Sebastian, I have only one word: Dec 10, Mai is a Happy Bibliophile rated it liked it Shelves: This book is kinda hard to review so let me be a bit creative with this.

Annabeth's one of those kickass heroines based from a mythology retelling, so yeah, deal with it. I shall abandon Percy and the rest of the gang at Camp Half Blood to accompany you on this quest given unto m Err.. I shall abandon Percy and the rest of the gang at Camp Half Blood to accompany you on this quest given unto me by the Oracle I guess, that's the real ME.

So, we have our main character here who goes by the name of Ari Selkirk. She's got long, shiny silver hair and beautiful teal eyes. Weird, right? Anyway, Ari is a foster child who's out to find more about her heritage and the reason why she was born different. I kinda like someone different. But the downside for heroines like her? She's like a special snowflake and I desperately want to crush her with my bare hands every single time she acts like it.

She was raised from one foster family to another, experienced a great deal of pain and abuse from some and never knew anything about her parents. So, you expect someone who grew tough from that kind of past, right? Anyway, someone or something was out to hunt her. Ari's mother thought so too. Returning from the mental institution her mother stayed in until her last remaining breaths, Ari discovered a very important message from her mother.

Good Girl, Ari. You delivered quite well on the kickass side of things. I like it. Now, she met a new friend that will take her to the root of all things weird like her. Welcome to New 2! There, she met new people that are also "special" and different like her.

The upside of inserting a lot of new characters in the story is the idea that these people are relevant and makes the story more interesting. So, Ari agreed to stay in that old, beautiful and gothic dwelling with these weirdos. She's determined to know more about her past. I look at her and I anticipate the birth of a badass heroine.

And then Ari went to the door, and by that door stood a guy. And that guy is so handsome. And, Ari.. Thus, the birth of InstaLust. I mean, InstaLove. Holy Mother of God. I actually stopped breathing for a second. Stop it, it's catching. You only met him hours ago, for God's sake. Moving on, Ari found out that there's a curse running through her family. So, this good-looking guy, Sebastian, offered help.

The reason for her weird appearance and terrible beauty was revealed on the later part of the book and even if I found the writing a bit boring, descriptive and bland at times, I have to admit that I loved the part where Ari found out who her ancestor was. And that grave yard scene with a bitchy goddess?

The gore, the mix of supernatural creatures with mythology looks promising. The world building is okay. I can easily picture in my mind's eye New 2 filled with voodoo shops, people with masks and Mardi Gras. The Novems are nine families who joined forces to save New Orleans before and together they pooled their resources and made it into New 2 where there'll always be home to the supernatural. The history that came with these families made me interested to read on, despite hating the MC's voice and her instalove for Sebastian.

There are things that felt forced to look like a twist but it was predictable and that took a huge chunk of fun from the story. The ending is not what I expected to happen though. That bitch Athena is a pain in the ass.

How can she take my favorite character away just like that?? Oh my gosh. This is so weird. I'm Annabeth, my mom's Athena. Now, I am forced to continue the Quest of reading the sequel.

Darkness Becomes Her

Jan 01, hayden rated it it was ok Shelves: Any book that has the sick-to-your-stomach combination of Greek mythology, vampires and shapeshifters is doomed to go down the crapper.

Seriously, this book was like the Gods of mythology and supernatural creatures all vomited into a cup and put it in the oven. The book is a perfect example of a good idea with really poor execution. The prose is mediocre at best Jenna Black's was better, and I criticized her a time or two about hers , definitely nothing extraordinary.

The Darkness Becomes Her fra Any book that has the sick-to-your-stomach combination of Greek mythology, vampires and shapeshifters is doomed to go down the crapper. The Darkness Becomes Her franchise is one I can definitely at this point cross off my list of series to continue, even though I have an ARC of 2 which I'm probably going to donate to my high school's library at this point.

Keaton, no offense. I tried. Really, I did. I loved the beginning.

It was interesting, fast-paced, and original. But then it all fell apart.

But it's okay. I know Things Fall Apart. It's bound to happen sometimes. View all 5 comments. Aug 14, Missy's Book World rated it it was amazing Shelves: Love this book!!!!

Ari is a great herion and sebestion is interesting hero. I thought this book was amazing with the fantasy side and the mythology. It is way different then anything I have I read before. There is a cliffhanger btw. Aug 31, Gary rated it it was ok. Only 2 stars for this one. The story line was not very well constructed, the people was very lacking in depth of personality so won't be reading the second book.

Ari Selkirk is seventeen and after being passed from one foster home to another for most of her childhood decides to find out about her birth mother. After visiting the doctor at Rocquemore House and being told that her mother had committed suicide shortly after she was born, Ari decides she needs to know more.

The 3. The doctor gives her a box filled with her mother's things including a letter addressed to her. The letter is one of the aspects of the plot I couldn't download into. Ari reads the letter and her mother warns her to run. That's it? Her mother writes a letter but instead of telling her daughter what, why and when, all she gets across is "run"!

I couldn't get on board with this. It feels as though the letter was just used as a spring board for the entire story, so Ari could investigate etc, I hate letters like this, whether they're in books or films. I always end up irritated as I think if they wanted to let their loved ones know about the dangers facing them they would surely just tell it straight and not in a series of riddles that they have to work out, which only buries them deeper in what they were being warned against.

Just silly. However, it does the trick as Ari decides to head out to New 2, which used to be New Orleans. Thirteen years ago, two hurricanes hit New Orleans devastating it. But instead of doing what is usually done after a natural disaster, the government sells the city it to a bunch of families for a few billion dollars - really?

Not sure why the government would do this Also, the hurricanes that hit the city were described as category four and not five, which is the most destructive hurricane there is. I would have found the selling of the city more believable if it was destroyed by nuclear means and was now a nuclear wasteland where nothing could live or grow for tens of years, but weather? It just didn't seem realistic to me. But I ignored these two aspects and just followed Ari's journey and it is an interesting one.

Ari is a great character and a fab heroine, full of grit, kick-arse moves and oodles of sass, which is sadly a rarity in paranormal YA as this is the kind of character I love reading about. I mimicked the gesture with probably more sarcasm than he deserved, and then jogged over, ignoring his questioning look and heading to the main entrance. He caught up to me at the doors. I don't wait in the wings. I was pretty sure I knew what I looked like: Totally not what I expected him to say, especially after I'd just implied he was one of the bad guys.

Holy Mary Mother of God. It made me smile, firstly because it was nice to hear Ari say something like this as she had been so serious up until this point and secondly, because I thought exactly the same thing. Sebastian is smokin'. There was something about his character I liked from the first moment he entered Ari's life, so I know where she's coming from The combination of vampires and witches with greek gods is unique to me and was exciting to read.

I did find that everything happened a bit too quickly though, including the romance between Ari and Sebastian. Her time in New 2 barely spans two days and yet so much happens and is revealed that it made the novel seem a little shallow, there wasn't enough time to really develop the story or the characters in just pages.

It's an interesting mix of urban fantasy and greek mythology which has incredible potential to be a fabulous series. I hope the next book will be a little longer to allow things to play out at a more realistic pace and for the characters to grow and mature, but I can't wait to read what happens next View all 4 comments.

Jul 28, Nic rated it liked it Shelves: From it misfit bunch of characters to its action packed plot, it was very unique and completely intriguing.

From page one it is pretty much just go, go, go. Fast paced with a thumping narrative. It is dark, edgy and a little creepy. The story is a mix of mostly mythology with touch of paranormal.

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Sometimes I got lost with the history and everything else going that I had to go back and re-re Rating: Sometimes I got lost with the history and everything else going that I had to go back and re-read parts.

Something was off with the flow of this story for me. But the mysterious plot that had me hooked kept pushing me through those moments that I struggled. My favourite element of this story is the characters. Distinctive, well rounded and fascinating. Ari is strong, smart, independent and doesn't take any crap for anyone.

When all hell breaks lose she doesn't stand back and worry about what to do she gets in their and kicks some butt. There is a whole gang of misfit secondary characters in this story that I adored especially Violet. She is a wonderfully odd little character but certainly one that gets into your heart. Their is a touch of romance. Ari and Sebastian act on attraction pretty quickly but they didn't pretend it to be something is wasn't. It certainly wasn't sweet but rather some sizzling chemistry.

I am very curious to see how their feelings will grow and change hopefully into something with meaning in the next installment. Overall, Darkness Becomes Her is a solid debut novel that has left me curious to see what is coming next in this original and imaginative series.

View all 9 comments. Apr 15, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: This was a pretty good read, it was interesting and well paced keeping readers interested all the way through.

But despite all of this I just didn't feel as though I wasn't really gripped by the book. The main character is Ari, a girl alone in the world who decides as a way to go back to her roots to look into the death of her mother. This leads her to a strange place New 2, New Orleans after it has been rebuilt, she ends up with a gang of unwanted youths.

And she learns more about the city and This was a pretty good read, it was interesting and well paced keeping readers interested all the way through.

There are a lot of secondary characters but I am going to wait until I read the other books in the series before I comment on them. The storyline was good but it wasn't the most original. The pacing was good and I enjoyed the cliffhanger ending. But something about this book left something to be desired for me and I'm not sure what it was.

Sep 29, Amelia, the pragmatic idealist rated it liked it Shelves: There was so much action and butt-kicking in this book, I had to read it with a heating pad on my tush. You know how it's been mentioned that some books are a little "same song, second verse? Well, if the mythology trend continues, you might feel that way about some myth book in the future. Chances are you will find Darkness Becomes Her a highly original and exciting thrill ride.

I sure did. The story world of this novel is so incredibly fascinating and richly There was so much action and butt-kicking in this book, I had to read it with a heating pad on my tush. The story world of this novel is so incredibly fascinating and richly detailed.

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Set in the near future, the city of New Orleans as we know it no longer exists:I like it. By Kelly Keaton. No trivia or quizzes yet. It doesn't pop on the internet, and it didn't pop on the ARC. One thing thats very important to me when I read a new book or series is, are the characters memorable?

With foreign sword-weilding figures pursuing her, Ari knows she must return to her birthplace of New Orleans. I held my breath, afraid to breathe on its milky skin. The guy gave nothing away.

The Greek mythology is a perfect blend to go along with a futuristic New Orleans.