This is Ken Waters' monumental lifetime work in the handloading field and contains loading procedures, tables, tips, precautions and commentary; over . Pet Loads for the . Ken Waters Beginning Bullet Casting. . for this , I concluded that handloads alone, without. Feb 26, It ain't what https://www. ads+ken+waters. American by.

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Jan 12, I received my new reloading book Saturday. The Ken Waters Pet Loads Complete Volume. I just HAD to download it. Lol. It was ok sale for a really. [Archive] Ken Waters-Pet Loads Handloading, Reloading, and Bullet % pdf)) showing two cases from the same lot with the same load. Pet Loads the Complete Volume Ken Waters. This is Ken Waters' monumental lifetime work in the handloading field and contains . Pet Loads the Complete Volume by Ken Waters Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read, good.

The "classic". It is truly a significant difference. If you guys have more load data that isn't up there please post it. This will be add to the "facts and info chart" on the main forum when I get it updated, revamped with everything in charts, and reorganized.

Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder Sierra recommends a 6.

Accurate No. Pull the bullets from the sample loads that produced the best groups and carefully weigh the charges.

For flexible usage, we provide our reloading data in metric and imperial dimension systems, i. My 9mm accuracy loads come straight out of Sierra and Hornady load manuals. The general rule I like is to use powders faster than Varget that are listed below. Also, Accurate's 2 and 5 work well.

Ken Water's Pet Loads Complete Volume

The general consensus I've read is to start with 22 Hornet load data, as the case volume and common bullets are almost the same. Please give bullet weight, type, powder details, what reloading manual, etc. I would like to start a list of the most accurate loads that you have tried.

It is suitable for small and medium sized caliber applications but with slightly higher loading densities than AA IMR Occasionally, we will temporarily publish load data on this page when a bullet becomes available and is not yet listed in the latest edition of the handbook. I found that the hardest thing to do is throw "repeatable" powder charges. If you would like to submit a story related to shooting, hunting, or handloading, we would like to read it.

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Speer TNTs and 85 gr. The more details the better.

Go ahead, take Vihtavuori and make. The Lapua and Creedmoor both feed and extract extremely well. Trying to do my research prior to investing in the equipment. Expected release date currently is Take Care Eh Bob. Hornady has a traditional grain BTHP. The data therein contained has been tested to CIP Commission Internationale Permanente standards, and is proven as safe. In Ken Waters Pet Loads 9mm update , he lists a load for a grain bullet going fps with Bullseye as very accurate.

All of the loads you see have been provided directly from the powder companies as Lee believes they provide the best data. Take Aim at Rifle Reloading Data. When combined with personal discipline and attention to detail, such practices can help create a margin of safety for both the reloader and the shooter. No deer, black bear or elk ever lived to tell the difference between those slight differences in velocity.

I also use quite a bit of 3N37 using VihtaVouri load data. Accurate is a fast burning, double-base, spherical rifle powder that is a slower derivative of the AA powder. Your case preparation. Read HERE for a complete list of cartridges included in the manual.

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Their grain SST might not, but your mileage may vary. Location: Spokane, WA. Well suited to cartridges like the 6 mm BR Norma,. There is very little detail about what type of bullets were used and other metrics important to experienced reloaders.

But, this hold true for many powders, not just the ones with the same name. If it is accepted, your story will be printed on our site, with your name in the by-line.


Include precision micrometer seat. Those little cases will get lost in that big press. We have articles on reloading, hand-loading, ballistics, benchrest, F-class, gunsmiths, and varmint hunting.

Through the years I have worked with several twist. Learn more and get your own copy on the ViewerJS website. Load data is listed from. This is a discussion on reloading data for.

Posts about reloading data written by Sierra Bullets. Happy New Year!

It is pleasant and accurate and a really nice load for my 5. The 6. In your quest for accuracy, one of your most important tools, is a quality reloading scale.

It's the cheapest and most available powder for 9mm in my area. It shows good accuracy out of my 5" Kart barrels, and delivers about 2" groups at 25 yds from a rest with mixed brass.

All the loads on these pages are pressure tested according to the C. It is extremely important to note that the powder measures "powder scoops" or "dippers" can vary depending on the year the set was made. Start loading with the starting load according to the loading data. There are, however, flies waiting around to drop into the handloader's bowl of soup.

Shop now! Plated Berry s bullets reloading data. The smallest group was 0. The top bullet speed is a touch more than 2, fps from a inch barrel. The most accurate ammo possible is developed with the surprising results published right here. My rifle seemed to be more sensitive to the bullet rather than the powder as far as accuracy was concerned. Messages: 1, Hodgdon Powder Company operates following Biblical principles to honor God.

This is fine for my action pistol shooting needs.

Robert Persson. I also recently gave Varget a try with a 55gr bullet and was amazed at the accuracy.

You are correct, in some cases the load data for the three 's is very close if not the same. Notes: Velocities from inch barrel. I am looking for some pet loads for a Win Mag. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. I have fired several different rifles over the past few years, but the new Barrett MRAD is the best so far. FREE Shipping. I dont own the Savage, but do own a. No matter how you look at it, loading. Arizona Factory loads for the.

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We also develop and sell load data for handloaders. We chamber for over 90 different cartridges and those mentioned here are some of our favorites. Oct 24, website to find the max and min powder loads for my Lapua. Create an account for faster checkout, easy access to order history, and to earn reward points for every dollar you spend!

Use a valid email address to register. More downloading Choices. TableI Many varieties of bullets for various applications are available for the. I would probably choose the same bullet if I had the next level up of rifle Weatherby, Campfire or even more RUM, Lapua.

Ive tried the tradtional acceptable powders for the. For example, they gave them Premium nickel-plated cases. Mildot Master.

Save lapua reloading tray to get e-mail alerts and updates on your site Feed. I really like VVN for gr bullets, my load with the Scenar is 89gr, and gives over 3k. All that the Lapua really gives me is more kick, and a bigger ammo bill.

These are some of my pet loads. Ordered some gr Sierra mk and ready to load a few. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. FWIW, I also use duplex loads in. HughUno , AM the "current" Marlin in doesn't exist anymore. Barrel was a conventional 6 groove. It certainly shoots jacketed.

The only rounds I have loaded up are marked as BTW, your is now a "collector" rifle and there are people who are looking for these cowboy "long-range" shooters and collectors. I used H It is the only powder I have tried.. They will be slightly short, which should present no problems with the low pressure round. Fireforming can be done a number of ways if a little common sense is applied.

I generally use a fast shotgun powder with paper packing and a sub caliber bullet to get enough pressure.Good Shooting If you guys have more load data that isn't up there please post it.

This guide is a report of the velocities developed on a given day under a given set of lab conditions. Categorized under Business Services Unclassified.

I load most of my stuff with grain OTMs, but do have some gr Scenar loads you could try if you work up to them. This business organization is involved in Advertising Specialties Items as well as other possible related aspects and functions of Advertising Specialties Items. Once you reach Grinnell Glacier, sit back and enjoy your surroundings- the lake is a beautiful blue and there was an iceberg too This hike was the highlight of the park.

We also develop and sell load data for handloaders.