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Kiera Cass - The Favorite (The Selection #) - dokument [*.pdf] AmazingBooks CONTENTS Part I Part II Excerpt from The Siren One Two. Kiera Cass - The Selection 01 - The Selection - dokument [*.pdf] KIERA CASS DEDICATION Hi, Dad! waves CONTENTS COVER TITLEPAGE DEDICATION. Para trinta e cinco garotas, a Seleção é a chance de uma vida. É a oportunidade de ser alçada a um mundo de vestidos deslumbrantes e joias valiosas.

I say not really. And I attribute it to the fact that Ahren and Eadlyn's relationship was never really solidified in The Heir. Eadlyn spent a good portion of this book lamenting over Ahren's departure, but it all felt very fake to me. She only every really mentioned Ahren in regard to his relationship with Camille.

Therefore, it was hard to take their sudden closeness seriously. I think we all saw that one coming. Kile builds houses for those living in poverty, which is way better than building something for Eadlyn.

This one, in fact, has changed for me, and it's due to something someone commented on here a while back.

This person pointed out that it was always Eadlyn being unfair to Josie, not the other way around, and after thinking about it, I agree. It especially became apparent to me in some things Eadlyn said to Josie early on. While Josie was immature and annoying, she still never deserved to be treated so harshly by Eadlyn, because all she ever wanted was to be just like her.

So I was very pleased with the way things turned out between them. This was one point I was worried Kiera would drop the ball on, but she pulled through for me. Something exciting most certainly did happen with Ean, but it was definitely not what I originally had in mind.

Ean's character quite honestly was disappointing for me. When Epic Reads was marketing The Heir they uploaded a bunch of videos that were mock interviews with some of the more important boys in the Selection. Ean was one of them, and his video, which portrayed him as a pompous little snake, got me really excited for some drama being thrown down.

But with the exception of Eadlyn's first meeting with him, he doesn't do anything at all in either books. He's always in the background. He might as well have been one of the boys Eadlyn sent home for all he's actually mentioned. I'm not even sure Eadlyn ever went on a date with him, and yet somehow he managed to view spoiler [make it to the Elite. Honestly, after thinking about it, I knew view spoiler [there was a zero percent chance America was going to die.

No way in heck was Kiera going to kill off a character so precious to her. I'm not even sure there ever was a plot in these; most of it has been Eadlyn continually complaining about how "hard" her life is.

What little drama exists feels fake and underdeveloped, and the world-building has gone so far under that we didn't even make it out of the palace in this book. I mentioned the other day to a friend that reading this book has felt like reading fanfiction. It has all the plot holes, cheesiness, and enough of the original characters being married and having kids to give it that feel. But, above all, Maxon Shreave will always and forever be life. View all comments.

It's a 2. The thing is I enjoyed the book, but OMG, I'm just not downloading anything that happened at the end! So now Eadlyn gets to make whatever change she wants in the kingdom, she doesn't have to get it approved or even discussed with the council, nope, she just gives the surprise announcement and that's it!

That's not how a country works! It was too simple! She was like: Also, I couldn't believe Maxon's decision! I love Maxon but in this book he was just plain weak! I mean, I understand where he's coming from, but he can't just do what he did! My God. What else? I mean, I like the boy, he was one of my favorites and one of my top choices, I just don't feel like the romance was believable.

Suddenly they both were just like: It felt forced. Nope, not downloading it.

I have a lot of issues with this last installment, I think the series would've been fine with the first three books, I really loved them!

But these last two? They were unnecesary. The things I liked?

Henri, he was a cinnamon roll. I also liked Ean and Hale.

The Selection

Kile and Erik were also okay. The Elite boys won my heart at the end. And I also liked Eadlyn's choice, but I still feel it needed more romantic development. View all 68 comments. Nov 29, Aly's Bookish Wonderland rated it did not like it. I want to smush them to my face and declare my eternal love for them. View all 47 comments. May 10, Neil or bleed marked it as will-not-read. View all 18 comments. Aug 23, RJ marked it as no-thank-you. View all 12 comments.

Aug 17, Andreea Pop rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm gonna put it bluntly out there -- I did not like The Heir. I consider it one of my greatest literary disappointments, even if it has a relatively high rating 2.

So my expectations of The Crown were along the lines of 'please be decent, please end quick and please be the last '. Most fortunately though, The Crown brought back the love I felt for Kiera Cass's novels made of syrupy romance and dreamy sighs.

Taking this into consideration, this review will resemble half an omen to thi I'm gonna put it bluntly out there -- I did not like The Heir. Taking this into consideration, this review will resemble half an omen to this fifth installment and half a regret for what it did not come to fruition in its prequel, but only to highlight that this book exceeded my expectations and made me fall in love again with its world.

Unlike in The Heir , I loved Eadlyn. She let go of her petty, egotistical, self-centered and vain antics in order to graciously transform into a more than capable young woman, leader and Queen.

Yeah yeah, her character-development was speeded up to supersonic mode, but for once I didn't mind. She showed her thoughtfulness, her ambition, her intelligence and her strong personality.

I admired the fact that she wants to do good by everyone around her and that she tries to mend her flaws. Regardless, she took a colossal departure from the stoic, stuck-up and artificial princess and became an oddly organic person, beautifully encapsulated through the integrity to her own heart and moral code. Unlike in The Heir , I didn't check the page count every two minutes to dreadfully discover there was still a long way to go until the finish.

I was hooked and I read it easily, eager to see what's in store next. Tremendously enjoyable. Unlike in The Heir , I could connect to this bunch of boys. Instead of 35, there were only 6 left in the picture.

Each of them and here I'm talking about the ever-wonderful Hale, Kile, Ean, Henri and Erik became amazing in their own way and right. Unlike in The Heir , I was actually surprised by some revelations.

Marid and Brice, especially. And Maxon shocked me with his introspective tales. Unlike in The Heir , there were sweet relationships truly taking root. Deep, heartfelt friendships and dynamics that somehow evolved or appeared out of the blue only to fit the bill perfectly.

Unlike in The Heir , I did not curse the decision to expand the series from the original trilogy. This closure, this grand second finale somehow tied up the loose ends of The One by making sure certain matters were addressed, political ones, LGBT ones, feminism ones and discriminatory ones. I finally understood that we couldn't leave things at how they were with the initial 'last book'. Unlike in The Heir , there was so much more of the young Maxon and America we all know.

Seriously, all the glimpses into their fairy tale of a love story made my heart burst free. Maxon fretting over Mer and going borderline insane about her health was just too cute to handle. I'm glad they're happy and don't paint me foolish just because they're works of fiction, but in my mind they exist vividly and that's of the utmost importance.

Unlike in The Heir , I wasn't constantly exhausted about the sad and ill-fated attempts at romance. This time, it all flourished naturally, because the focus was on the worthy and so a cute and amazing and awesome and lovely couple became canon. Like The Heir , don't expect this book to suddenly be a complex piece of literature, because surely it is not. It fits the style of the series, so it's one for the heart.

It's light. It's quick. It's totally YA. It's a great read for a spring afternoon. It's the kind of book that has you smiling, daydreaming and relaxing.

Unlike The Heir. Unlike the Heir , The Crown was so much better. Infinitely better. I urge you to read it and see for yourself but I have faith that you'll love it bunches. Bye, Illea. For real now. View all 64 comments. Aug 16, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: I don't understand, I thought it was just a trilogy Why are there suddenly two more books added.

I have read The Heir and I must admit that I actually quite enjoyed it, so looking forward to this one. Update 2: View all 52 comments.

The Selection

May 11, Zoe The next two books are in the perspective of America's daughter. Jun 22, Or kicking a lot of frogs out of your house. Falling might mean running headfirst into something you always wanted. Or dipping your toe into something you've been scared your whole life. Happily ever after could be waiting in a field a mile wide.

The only reason I kept up with series after The One was because like many others, I was curious as to how everyone from the original trilogy grew up to be. In all honesty, I should've just stopped after the third book. Instead of believing that everybody lived happily ever after once Maxon and America became king and queen and the caste system was eliminated, The Heir just sort of wipes that all away like happily ever after never even happened.

The One was such a bittersweet ending to a fun trilogy and The Crown with its pages wasn't going to top it at all. Not by a long shot. Nothing really happened in The Crown. To be honest, I thought this book was such a waste because nothing worthy or significant occurred. Sure, Eadlyn was less of a brat in this book but I'm still not very fond of her.

On top of that, I thought it was absolutely preposterous that Maxon stepped down and gave up his title for Eadlyn to rule. That was by far the most unrealistic thing I've ever heard. No king is going to give up his duties because he was stressing about his queen's recovery or because he wants a normal life with his wife.

Tough shit. That's like saying you're giving up being a parent because you're stressed out about having kids. Putting the fate of your whole country on Eadlyn? Good luck with that. I also felt that the ending was really rushed. Too many things were resolved too quickly and too easily that added to the unrealism that I was struggling with.

On a positive note, I did enjoy the fact that Eadlyn's choice broke away from tradition. Was her choice a surprise? No, not really. From the very beginning, I knew it would come down to one specific person but I was curious as to how Kiera Cass was going to make it happen.

The Selection was one of the first series that got me into reading Young Adult. Though it is far from the best series out there, I will always have an attachment to the first three books of The Selection. The Heir and The Crown may not be up to par with Maxon and America's story, but I still found it bittersweet that The Selection is finally over for good. View all 38 comments. My review contains spoilers.

Taking the opportunity and experience is part of her lesson to fully become the next Queen. It's challenging on her part especially when The Selection is on going. Finding the right guy for her isn't easy. Whatever choice she mak Warning: Whatever choice she makes, she must follow what her heart speaks and unexpectedly changes everything. For me, the conclusion to this series is bittersweet. Like, really frustrated that I almost throw the book across the room because I'm holding to my thoughts and it ended not the way I expected or wanted.

At the same time, I don't want to be selfish and one sided with the situation. I hope you'll understand my feeling of when-your-ship-didn't-sail. I'm still on denial stage and I'll get over this soon. I actually see it coming but I keep fighting the bad feeling, you know? Still, I am glad to see Eadlyn Schreave's character developed into a fine lady.

She handled the situations maturely and earned my respect. Here I am, seeing the other perspective and tried to understand why it ended up like I think he won because view spoiler [it's a rule breaker to the tradition, it's not a Maxon-America repeat, and somehow, his character shows that he's a genuine, humble, thoughtful and simple man.

His character stood out in some way despite of being behind the spotlight. I'm sorry guys but I'm not convinced with this whole Erik - Eadlyn ship. I didn't feel the spark between them and it was sort of an insta-love.

Unlike what Eadlyn shared with Kile, these two tried to like each other.. I don't give a damn if it's predictable.. Apparently, this becomes my least favorite in the series. What can I do? Eadlyn's decision prevails and I should respect her choice. Why my bet and others didn't win: I am loyal to you no matter what.

Among the other competitors, he knows Eadlyn the best. They've known each other for years. Majority, including myself are rooting for him. I guess it didn't sail because it's a Maxon-America repeat, predictable and boring. Well, I don't care. Henri - obviously, communication barrier. Hale - his charm fascinated me. He is like my back up bet.

It seems he has a different type. I'm still looking forward to Kiera Cass's books in the future. Her writing style is really great and it effectively draws me into the story. Sadly, this book isn't for me. View all 87 comments. Oct 11, Mariah of the Night Court rated it it was ok. The other books were great, especially the first three, but kind of lost their touch when Eadlyn was introduced. The Crown was so dry. It was like this Perfect comparison. I really do not like Eadlyn as a character at all because she has no personality!

All I hear out of her mouth is awkward, out of place dialogue that leaves me cringing. Everyone was telling her how great of a queen she'd be and I was there thinking, "Why would you guys happily trade Eadlyn in place of America and Maxon??? There is seriously no character depth in this book. We don't get to dive into any of the suitors' backgrounds, and really, we don't get to hear that much from the suitors at all! No personalities, just smiling faces who constantly said things to Eadlyn like "I understand you completely", "I'm so sorry about your mom", and "You'll make a great queen".

Okay, I realize that those are nice things to say about a girl, but when it comes to reading, that is so boring! Alright, let me just get it out. I hate it when characters are overly nice all the time and have no kind of dark side to them. Character flaws. Yeah, that's it.

And backstories, which this book had none of. Some conversations went sorta like this: Alright, I'm gonna spice up this scene for the fun of it, keeping the suitors lines, but changing Eadlyn's.

Alright, moving on. So apparently Hale and Ean are gay for each other. Before I go on, let me just say, I am not against homosexuality. But, when we found this out, I was so mad because of how random and out of place it was. Okay Kiera, so to make this faster to write, you're going to just have two of the elite fall for each other and get away with it so easily? Whatever, on to Erik. I knew that Erik was going to be with Eadlyn in the end, like how obvious could it be?

And it happened so fast. He's probably the least flat character out of all the characters but he's still flat. Eadlyn literally chose to be with him in like the last five pages. What really bothered me though, was how everyone was just fine and dandy with it.

When Henri found out, he's like "Ok, I see the love. Be together. I love you guys, you're s'cute. Henri out. And when Eadlyn announced to the millions of viewers watching the broadcast that she was going to choose Erik a guy no one even knew existed and was obviously not in the selection , everyone was just cheering and clapping.

I don't know about you but if I were watching the Bachelorette and Jojo picked a guy that wasn't even one of her choices and wasn't on the show I'd be like "Who dis bitch". And the media would also go ballistic. But no, everyone was okay with it and didn't think twice. And then, it was just like "The end, that's it, that's the book". And I just sat there like "Wat". Yeah, pretty much. I was hoping this book was going to be a good conclusion to the series, but overall, it wrecked it for me.

It was so boring. The writing was bad. The characters were flat. The plot was dull. Nothing really happened. Goodbye forever, Selection series. View all 35 comments. Nov 09, Hailey Hailey in Bookland rated it really liked it Shelves: This one was a good improvement on The Heir. Eadlyn was a huge brat in the previous book, but she comes to some self realization in this book that makes her change her ways.

I liked that with The Heir and The Crown you truly never really know who Eadlyn is going to end up with. With first three books of The Selection Series, you always kind of know who Maxon is going to choose, but these 2 books kept me guessing. But overall, I did really enjoy it, but I think it was time for the series to be over. View all 3 comments. Apr 25, Ade marked it as because-i-have-no-self-control Shelves: This is going to go one of two ways. Way 1: I will love this book.

I will gush about this book. I will want to have its children not really and pledge my soul to this book a possibility. Way 2: I will hate this book so much that I see red. Gouging my eyes out after reading is a possibility gouging occuring during reading in an [most likely successful] attempt to avoid continuing reading this book is also a possibility, BUT it will only happen if the book is really bad , but I may settle fo This is going to go one of two ways.

Gouging my eyes out after reading is a possibility gouging occuring during reading in an [most likely successful] attempt to avoid continuing reading this book is also a possibility, BUT it will only happen if the book is really bad , but I may settle for minor hair tearing out and extreme ranting. We shall see. View all 16 comments.

May 08, Carol [Goodreads Addict] rated it it was amazing Shelves: This series has captivated me from the beginning. Is it the girly girl in me that loves the gowns, the jewels, the pomp and circumstance? Eadlyn has grown up. This book holds a very different Eadlyn than you met in the beginning. This young woman holds the weight of her country on her shoulders.

Her mother lies in the hospital with her husband by her side. Could she ever have that with one of these men from the Selection? She never even wanted to be a part of this but now finds herself longing for what her parents have. I was a twin who was on her own. I was a daughter with missing parents. At the same time, she is somehow trying to find time to get to know the remaining men. She is developing feelings for some of these men but could it be love?

Of course, with power, come those that want to take it from you. Someone posing as a friend tries to manipulate Eadlyn and the public to put himself into a place to assume power. With public opinion of Eadlyn less than what she would want it to be, this puts her in a very precarious position.

And for Eadlyn, it came as both a surprise and a shock. But what should have been the most beautiful moment of her life will force her to make a decision that will possible be the biggest sacrifice she will ever make for her kingdom. Like the sunshine had a melody and the sounds of footsteps had a texture I could feel in my fingertips each time anyone moved.

The world woke up when I looked at him. Or does he feel the same way as well?

Does she even dare to voice her feelings or should she keep them locked up inside? As I said above, I love this series. I feel like the ending was perfect. Now there will be no waits between books for you to see what happens next. And if you think of it, let me know how you like it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Thank you to Kiera Cass for such a wonderful, beautiful series. View all 40 comments. Los personajes de La Corona mejoran respecto a la anterior novela.

Kiera cass a selecao pdf

Eadlyn como personaje. El ritmo. Tienes que leer esta saga YA. View all 11 comments. I genuinely liked the first part of Eadlyn's story in The Heir, but there really was no plot arc in this sequel.

It just plowed straight through in a bland line to the end. Everyone's character was reduced to some empty shell with dialogue I can't even properly rage about how infuriatingly DULL this whole thing was because I'm still so bored.

There was a partial focus on her mother's health issues, half of a focus on Eadyln coming to terms with ruling the country, and then sometimes she'd randomly remember that whole Selection thing. Everything felt like a side show, especially the typical background chatter of political unrest that this series fails so well at. These books are fun fluffy reads, but the embarrassing attempts at political analysis completely destroy them.

My biggest issue with all of the books I've read by Kiera Cass is that events seem to happen because the author just wants them to. The whole book read like watching a middle school play One second Eadlyn's barely talking to a guy and the next second they're crying about how they're soulmates and getting married??

I do not care.

I feel nothing except regret for the past 2 hours I spent reading this mess. Nice things I have to say: And that is the most gorgeous cover ever. My blog Tumblr Twitter Instagram Feb 29, Elena rated it it was ok. Maybe it's the last ones. It won't be a review of me ranting about Eadlyn and how stubborn and foolish and rude and spoiled she is.

Or was I guess I'd like to start off by saying I hated The Heir. I'm sorry, but if you've read my review, you'll know why. If you've read The Heir and were disappointed with it, then you'll know why as well. In The Heir, Eadlyn is just rude, stubborn, foolish and spoiled. She has a bitchy attitude and wondered why everyone hated her or had some dislikes of her. But in The Crown, there are some changes. I knew that after reading and finishing The One, the series should've stopped there.

It should've stayed as a trilogy. I mean, the main focus was on America and Maxon. Writing 2 stories about their daughter wasn't really worth it. Instead of keeping the happiness flowing everywhere, everything sort of faded because of these 2 other books. Instead of wishing more moments with America and Maxon, we get moments with their daughter and her own selection, even though she didn't want it.

Instead of romance, we get boring dates, awkward ones as well, a boring plot, boring main characters and nothing in comparison to The Selection, The Elite and The One. I will admit, this story did have its improvements like the other ones did. I mean, in The Heir, a lot of us see Eadlyn as a spoiled brat. I'm sorry, but spoiled explains her a lot in that book. But in The Crown, we notice she makes improvements in her life.

She isn't stuck up and spoiled all the time, she doesn't treat everyone like shit, she tries to follow the same moves her father did when he was just a prince, and she shows some care and sympathy for the Selected boys.

There weren't any shocking moments or decisions that were about to leave my jaw hanging open. Honestly, I knew it was all coming. Eadlyn's choice didn't leave me disappointed. I was disappointed since my ship sank and didn't keep floating on the ocean but I didn't completely blame her.

Her choice felt right and even though there is no other book coming up, I feel like in the minds of fans of this book can imagine the happy life they'll be living. As to the things that did upset me, even though it's really just one, I think making Eadlyn queen at a young age when both her parents are alive was stupid and ridiculous. Just because your parents are carrying stress on their shoulders and your mom is in a poor condition of recovering, that doesn't mean you give your royal title to your daughter who still doesn't even have a soulmate and doesn't even have a clue on how she would rule the country.

Maxon literally gave up on his life to take care of America but then they didn't even know how Eadlyn would handle it. That's just stupid!

Other than saying negative things about this book, I was glad Grandma Singer was back, new characters were mentioned and met, and new truths were discovered. I was glad Kiera brought some people back and made some changes in the ones we met in the previous book. I was glad there were character developments although they weren't the best. I will continue to love that one but only that one. Admittedly, reading her novels are like reading fan fictions.

The writing is too cute and written in a quirky way for teenage girls looking for romance that is discovered in a way that is not discovered here. I guess The Selection really is over now. I can't really emphasize the disappointment I was left with this book.

I was expecting so much more even though at the same time, I wasn't. The series should've ended with The One. I really hope that if Kiera Cass decides to work on something new, its different. Even if the main genre is romance, I just hope the writing improves and it doesn't just focus on one thing. If she is planning on working on something new for us, I just hope it's worth it and I hope my doubts for it stay high.

I'm just hoping. For real now, and maybe for the best. View all 22 comments. Oct 15, Kai rated it liked it Shelves: It was about time. A few years ago when I read the first book I loved the story.

Then came the second book and it went downhill. I actually was able to find the prince the queen and the guard I just need the favorite! Thank you! I like the valuable information you supply in your articles.

I will bookmark your blog and take a look at once more right here regularly. Good luck for the following! Like Liked by 1 person. I always find new favorites here! Thank you so much! Thanks so much for sharing!

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Kiera Cass

This book was amazing. Thanks so much!!!It's not meant to be serious! Cass is also VERY fond of using the dialogue tag "sing" or "sang out. Her boyfriend's name is Aspen. One second Eadlyn's barely talking to a guy and the next second they're crying about how they're soulmates and getting married?? Does anyone know when this book is being released? Yet the main thing is the writing style and pace. The entertainment value of this novel is high.